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Masterplan for Central Portishead consultation

The draft masterplan has been designed to help guide potential evolution of the Wyndham Way Study Area in central Portishead, between the High Street, the Marina and the planned new railway station. This work has been led by North Somerset Council working with key land owners and with extensive local consultation. 

We began our consultation in 2020 and in 2021 we published the Wyndham Way Study Area Vision and Scoping Study which sets out the key principles for the area and identified how change could benefit Portishead as a whole. The town has grown substantially over recent decades, and this is an important opportunity to make better connections between the new and old areas. 

This is also an important chance to help make Portishead more sustainable through supporting the local economy, helping to reduce car-dependency and creating a greener place. 

Change is expected to be gradual - there are many different land owners in the area, so this is a framework for change rather than a big planning application. This approach helps to set a clear direction of travel and coordinate designs so that they add up to deliver the vision we want to see.

The consultation closed on 4 November. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their views with us.

A masterplan for an area like this is different to a planning application. It can’t dictate a single design, or require that things are developed at a specific time. Even public projects like changes to roads are subject to funding being available. Any change will be gradual, piecemeal and could take many different forms. 

The masterplan creates a framework for change. It sets out how the different area can be developed in coordinated ways which contribute to a wider picture. This includes planning the network of streets and spaces and considering different uses. It has to take account of existing uses which may not change for a long time, as well as be flexible enough to allow land owners to develop a range of different options. 

What it can do is show what good change should look like, and provide clear rules for the things which are fundamental.

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Workspace and employment >

A green and blue environment >

A connected district >

Creating a flexible framework >

Parking >

School place provision >

Leisure centre options >

Planning for Portishead rail >

Somerset Hall options >

Gradual & flexible change

Our masterplan is designed to be flexible, allowing for changes in the economic and development context over a long period of time. There are lots of different land ownerships and it is hard to predict or dictate how change will happen. Visit the pages below to explore some of the ways that change could happen.

Gradual & flexible change>

Take our questionnaire on the masterplan

The consultation closed on 4 November. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their views with us.

Download Masterplan PDF document

Download a version of the draft masterplan we consulted the public on between 23 September and 4 November.

A Masterplan for Central Portishead

Key information

We're looking forward to hearing your views and sharing more information with you. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in contact or email the project team at

The Wyndham Way Steering Group includes North Somerset Council, abrdn plc and local businesses, working together to consider explore how the Wyndham Way Study Area could be improved to benefit the people of Portishead.

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