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Creating a flexible framework

Developing a clear block for the Wyndham Way area which takes account of land ownerships and existing buildings will unlock change whilst creating a flexible plan for the future.

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Urban blocks are the key components of our historic towns and cities. They help to create places which deliver safer streets by overlooking with front doors, windows and shop fronts. They are flexible in being able to accommodate a wide range of uses and enable change over time that supports a resilient economy. They also define clear fronts and backs creating areas for gardens, yards and servicing away from the front faces onto public streets.

The flexibility which a good block structure creates is really important to the Wyndham Way area. Change will happen over a relatively long period of time and through many different projects. Whilst the illustrative masterplan help to show ways in which the area could change, the framework of blocks defines the essential rules for development that give landowners and developers the opportunity to be creative but still work in a coordinated way.

The block structure which has been developed for the Wyndham Way area takes account of land ownerships and existing buildings to give the most flexibility whilst still unlocking change.

Scroll below to compare the existing layout with a potential vision for the future

This image shows the improved links along Old Mill Road between the station and the town centre. It also illustrates how developing new parking for Sainsbury’s above or next to the store could release land for homes and open space overlooking the greenway.

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