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Who's involved?

North Somerset Council, Portishead Town Council and Aberdeen Standard Investments are working together to form a team with the necessary expertise to take the project forward. They have formed a steering group to explore how local businesses, residents and anyone with an interest in the area's future can have their say and develop options for the future of the area.

Who is on the steering group?

The group contains representatives from the Aberdeen Standard Investments, North Somerset Council, Portishead Town Council and local businesses.

How does this relate to the previous plans for Old Mill Road?

Having listened to feedback from the local community and North Somerset Council planning team, Aberdeen Standard Investments has agreed to withdraw the Old Mill Road planning application.

What area does the new Wyndham Way Study Area cover?

We are discussing this with landowners, leaseholders and other stakeholders to agree the study area. At this stage, we intend the area to cover parts of the town centre between the High Street, the Marina and the site of the proposed new Metrolink Station.

What are the timescales?

The first stage of work - to collect the thoughts of those with an interest in Portishead, to agree the extent of the study area and explore the best way to create new plans – is happening now. It is proposed that this work will be completed before the beginning of next year. Then in 2021 the public will be consulted on any ideas that emerge from the study.

How can people get involved?

We are committed to involving local businesses, residents and anyone with an interest in the area's future. We are starting a conversation now and will consult throughout the design and planning process. Right now, we want to know what you think about the area – what you like, what could be improved and how we can make Portishead even better. You can let us have your views on this map, or by providing your comments to the team here. You can also sign up for updates here.

How will businesses based in the area be affected?

This is very early days for this work, and we want local businesses to be heard from the outset. We are committed to working with businesses and stakeholders to seek their views before any plans are put forward. Aberdeen Standard Investments extended leases in the area covered by the previous Old Mill Road plans until December 2021. We are speaking to businesses in the wider area and will continue to keep everyone updated.

How will COVID-19 impact the plans?

We are in uncertain times, which will doubtless affect how we live, work and travel in the future. We will, of course, explore how any plans need to respond to these changes, alongside the climate and ecological crises.

Who can I contact?

People with any questions can get in touch here, email or phone 0330 1070 535.

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