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Somerset Hall options

Somerset Hall and the Precinct are a great resource for Portishead. Coordinating their future with the plans for the Wyndham Way area will help maximise their potential.

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Somerset Hall and the Precinct are important parts of the town centre, but also rather turn their backs on Wyndham Way and create a poor first impression of Portishead for many people.

The masterplan sets out how the Precinct could be redeveloped around a remodelled Somerset Hall, creating an opportunity for supporting the growing range of businesses in the area, alongside space for community events. Remodelling the existing building reduces cost and complexity, but is also a more sustainable approach.

Any development would need to be carefully phased and to work with the existing businesses, ideally to re-provide new accommodation which minimises the disruption to continuity of trade.

Some parking should be retained to support short stay parking for shopping and errands but could be designed like a market square so that it can be turned over for big public events on special days. Active street frontage onto Wyndham Way will make it a better point of arrival into the town and could be a future location for bus stops.

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