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Planning for Portishead rail

The MetroWest Phase 1 project is proposing to re-open the Portishead rail line to passenger train services. By planning now we can maximise the benefits of this development for the town.

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The delivery of Portishead Rail creates a new context for the centre of the town and a genuine alternative for travel to Bristol. The plans for the station including changes to the road network to create space for the station and forecourt, and a new car park on land to the north of Sainsbury’s.

The masterplan will help to deliver good walking and cycling routes to the station which will help some people to travel without a car. It also shows how new sustainable development in the area around the station will help to capitalise on the investment of public money.

The station will help people commuting to Bristol, but will also make it easier for people who want to get to Portishead. This will support local businesses and should make Portishead a more attractive location for investment.

Along with the delivery of the railway, page 27 of the masterplan also highlights wider potential transport improvements, including the opportunity for a mobility hub on Wyndham Way.

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