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Leisure centre options

By planning for the future we can allow for the possibility that a new leisure centre might be developed in Portishead in the longer term.

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Although local people have told us they would like a better leisure centre, Portishead’s existing facility is one of the better and newer ones in the district. This means that it isn’t likely to be replaced in the short or medium term. However, as the Masterplan sets out a gradual process for change, it is possible to anticipate that a new leisure centre could be developed in the longer term. There are a number of factors to consider which can help to plan for this: 

  • Having the leisure centre in a central location helps to support the High Street and means that it is as accessible as possible 
  • To ensure continuous operation, it would be good to deliver a new leisure centre on a different site before closing a redeveloping the old site
  • A new centre could allow for a more extensive leisure offer, including a training pool, and could include basketball courts and five-a-side pitches - possibly on the roof
  • There could be opportunities to integrate and re-provide other public uses

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