Steering group to help shape the future of Portishead
A steering group has been established to collaboratively progress a new study for the area around Wyndham Way.

Local businesses, Portishead Town Council, North Somerset Council and Aberdeen Standard Investments have formed the steering group to explore how the area between the high street, the marina and the proposed MetroWest railway station could be improved to bring the greatest benefit to Portishead.

The group is engaging with and influencing the work of a technical team of specialists; listening to the views of the local community and other stakeholders; and agreeing a vision and how to create a placemaking strategy for the area.

Paul Gardner, chair of Portishead Town Council said:

“Portishead Town Council is pleased to be part of the steering group and this fresh approach to exploring the future of this area.

“The steering group set-up is a demonstration of the commitment to progress collaboratively, with representatives of local businesses sitting alongside local councillors.

Steve Walker from award-winning architects Allies and Morrison, which is working with the steering group, has led discussions on the area's history and potential opportunities and challenges for change in the area.

The group has also discussed the importance of increasing the numbers of jobs in the area as well as creating new places for people to live – all whilst reducing the impact of the roads in the area and improving connections between the different areas of Portishead.

Neil Douglas of Viper Innovations said:

“Like all towns, there are key challenges ahead for Portishead. There is also great opportunity and the steering group will help the area make the most of this.

Cllr James Tonkin, executive member for planning and transport at North Somerset Council, said:

“The steering group is helping to ensure this fresh look at Portishead is taken forward collaboratively.

“It's been fascinating to see the comments being made on Portishead as it is now on the interactive map. I encourage anyone who hasn't already to tell us what you think to help inform the steering group's work.”

The group's work is influenced by comments made on the Wyndham Way Study Area (WWSA) website at, which was launched in September to allow people to comment on what they think about the area. The website has now been visited more than 2,700 times with over 170 comments made through the innovative, interactive map. Comments have covered a variety of topics including:

  • Appearance of the public areas and how these are used
  • Future uses for the area including improving and increasing spaces for employment as well as the potential for a variety of new uses
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation including encouraging walking and cycling as well as public transport and improving the roads in the area
  • Social and community infrastructure

The map is still live, and people are encouraged to participate.

The steering group will continue to meet regularly to explore specific elements of the WWSA in more detail. In February the group is expected to agree how the WWSA progresses and principles for any change to the area. Public consultation will then follow next year.

An indicative programme suggests a placemaking strategy for the area will be published in spring 2022, following the consultation next year.

People can find out more about the study by visiting and can email or phone 0330 1070 535 with any questions.

Notes to editors

For any further information please contact Freddie Palmer at Social via or 0774 1742 613

Portishead Town Council, North Somerset Council and Aberdeen Standard Investments are working together as partners on a new study for the area around Wyndham Way in Portishead town centre, between the high street, the marina and the proposed MetroWest railway station.

As part of this first stage of the project, a new website has been launched at with an interactive map allowing people to comment on what they think about the area – what they like, what could be improved and how Portishead can be made even better. The feedback will be used to shape the study and inform the steering group at this early stage.

The Wyndham Way Study Area steering group will help guide the work. The steering group members are:

Lucy Shomali (Chair) North Somerset Council, director of development and environment

Alex Hearn North Somerset Council, assistant director placemaking and growth

Nicola Holland North Somerset Council, councillor for Portishead West ward

Huw James North Somerset Council, councillor for Portishead South ward

Terry Karampini North Somerset Council, principal planning policy officer

Paul Gardner Portishead Town Council, chair

Caroline Goddard Portishead Town Council, vice-chair of community matters committee

Neil Douglas Viper Innovations (representing local business)

Ryan Peake Ryan's Rentals (representing local business)

Patrick Gardner T&G Woodware (representing local business)

Andrew Dakin Aberdeen Standard Investments (WWSA project lead)

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