Considering the future of the Wyndham Way area
Portishead has experienced big changes, which bring with them opportunities and challenges as the town has continued to grow.

Its population has risen from 17,000 in 2001 to around 25,000 today. New neighbourhoods, business investment and the regeneration of Portishead Marina are all real and vivid examples of the changing face of the town.

We recognise that any future change to Portishead must happen for the better. We want to discuss with local people the changes they would like to see. That’s why we’re inviting you to join a conversation about the future of an area around Wyndham Way, in the town centre.

Working together
Portishead Town Council, North Somerset Council and Aberdeen Standard Investments are working together as partners on a new study for the area around Wyndham Way in the town centre, between the High Street and the Marina.

The study area also includes Old Mill Road Business Park. Many people will remember that this area was considered for redevelopment as part of earlier plans. Having listened to local feedback those plans will be withdrawn. This provides a fresh opportunity to look again at how this area of Portishead can be improved.

This study represents a very early stage for us and we want to take all the necessary steps to get it right.
We are now exploring how we can work with local businesses, residents and anyone with an interest in the future of the wider area around Wyndham Way to explore what will bring the greatest benefit to this part of Portishead town centre. We are looking for input from people who live and work in Portishead as part of this study.

We would love to hear what you think about the area – what you like, what you don't like and what improvements you would like to see.

You can do so by choosing one of the options below. You can also find out more about this work here.
What would you like to do?
Key information
We're looking forward to hearing your views and sharing more information with you next year.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in contact or email the project team at
What we're doing
Listening to the community, businesses and anyone else with an interest Autumn 2020

People living, visiting and working in Portishead are invited to tell us what they like and what could be improved in this area. Let us know what you think.
Wyndham Way Study Area steering group meetingsAutumn 2020

The Wyndham Way Study Area steering group will meet regularly and gather all the evidence needed to gain a better understanding of the issues facing Portishead and how they can best be addressed, taking account of feedback from the public. We will publish updates from these meetings on this website.
Public consultation2021

Once the study is completed and reviewed, we will share our findings and further information on the next steps. Any proposals or plans would be fully consulted on as part of this process.
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